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最近,我在網上搜索植牙的資料時,碰到一個用比喻來說服人的writing example 。作者是個牙醫,他先引導潛在客戶把植牙跟買車比較,然後指出兩者雖然都是花錢的項目,但植牙比買車的效益更長遠,所以更值得在植牙上花錢。我素來有搜集examples of good writing的習慣,所以碰到這個優秀的persuasive writing example,就立馬把它存下來:

“As a reassuring word regarding the long term value and benefit of implants, I’d like to share this true story:

Many years ago, I had a patient comment that the work was “the price of a small car”. I could not disagree. However, that was over 20 years ago, and if it had been a car it no doubt would have gone through several repairs, servicing and most likely have already been replaced with a newer (and more expensive!) one.

However the implants and teeth that were eventually done for this patient are still in place and fully functioning with nothing more than simple cleaning appointments a couple of times per year.

Although I can’t guarantee this will be the same for every single implant/patient, in my experience I’m happy to say that this is quite typical of the majority of implants placed and restored here at VCCID.”

過了幾天,有個家長臨時取消我的課,我立馬寫下以下靈感來自植牙的writing example的回應。我回應中用的比喻應該有一定的說服力,因那個家長立馬道歉賠錢。但對我來說,更重要的是我能迅速地用上別人的寫作技巧:


在大陸,一些女生當中流行這句話:『我這麽努力,就是不想以後男人把我當牲畜使喚』 – 意思是,自己有本錢,男友老公就不敢怠慢自己。



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