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想表達陷於中共魔掌的人的困境,比喻的確是很好的工具,在以下的案例,原文只是把香港人沒法自決的苦平鋪直敘說一遍,我的rewrite用了比喻,impact on reader就完全不一樣。

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Sadly, unlike people in Gibraltar, the people of Hong Kong were never given the opportunity to decide their own future. Gibraltar was part of Spain before the 18th century, just as Hong Kong was part in China until the mid 19th century. Then Gibraltar was seized by Britain as a colony; the same happened to Hong Kong. Later, in the 20th century, during a period of decolonization, people in Gibraltar were asked in a referendum in 1967 whether they want to return to Spain. 99% voted to remain a British colony. So, even though they remain Spanish ethnically, their citizenship is British. The same option was never given to Hong Kong.

My rewrite

In some primitive societies, where women are viewed as chattels, it’s not uncommon for a newly widowed young woman to be offered as a bride to the brother of her dead husband. The decision is simply made for her by the tribe; whether she wants such an arrangement is irrelevant.

Hong Kong may be an international finance capital with some of the world’s most expensive real estate and more Michelin-starred restaurants than it needs, yet when its post-colony fate was being decided in the mid 1980s, it had as little say as a tribal woman forced to marry her husband’s brother. Britain and China simply conferred among themselves and hammered out a deal – “One Country, Two Systems” – that, some four decades later, turned out to be disastrous for the freedom-loving inhabitants of the city.

It’s a shame for such people that the option granted to Gibraltar was never available to them. Like Hong Kong, Gibraltar used to be part of a larger country (it was an area of Spain in the 18th century); like Hong Kong, Gibraltar was ceded to Britain. Unlike Hong Kong, however, amid the wave of decolonization in the 20th century, the people of Gibraltar was asked in a referendum in 1967 whether they would want to return to Spain. 99% said no. Today, it is still a British territory.

In flocking in vast numbers to reside in the UK after the political turmoils in recent years, Hong Kong people can finally enjoy the security of being British.


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