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我最近要看牙,相熟的朋友推薦的牙醫都離我家很遠,我通過Google reviews找了一家叫Oceanfront的診所,被他們家的positive reviews吸引。我去了Oceanfront一趟後,再重看其他病人的Google reviews,覺得他們說得不夠仔細,所以我自己也動手寫了個review。你們能看到區別在哪裏嗎?

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不要小看the art of writing reviews。抓到寫reviews的竅門,等於為以後寫effective personal statements和 cover letters立下根基,我已開始鼓勵我的學生點評他們所愛的商品或服務,培養他們的觀察力和正面形容東西的能力。

Google reviews left by other patients 

“Dr. Kyle Green is a master of his trade and did a tremendous job with my dental fillings. He was gentle, thorough and skilled.”

”At Oceanfront I saw Dr. Green, he was kind, understanding and willing to take the time to explain everything he was doing. He did his best to ensure that I was comfortable with everything he was doing and that the procedures caused as little discomfort as possible.“

“The entire team at Oceanfront Dental Group is wonderful! From arrival to sitting in the chair having work done. They are so thorough, kind and knowledgeable in what they do.”

“Both Dr Seddon & Dr Green are fantastic with what they do. Their staff is very friendly & knowledgeable.”

My review

I used to be the type who would only voluntarily sit in a dentist’s chair if a tooth had rotted to the point where despite taking the maximum dose of eight Tylenols a day, the pounding pain would still be vicious.

Now that I’ve discovered Oceanfront Dental, those days are behind me. Dr Kyle Green has made me feel so safe that from now on, going to the dentist will no longer feel like being at the mercy of a torturer.

His first act of thoughtfulness took place even before I sat in his chair – the moment I stepped into his cubicle, he offered to take my coat.

As I reclined on the chair, it was reassuring to see on the ceiling a TV screen with Netflix selections.

“I can give you a headphone and remote if you want,” now it was the nurse Mila speaking.

Then it was Dr Green’s face above me again. He was holding a needle.

“Now wiggle your toes so that you can take your mind off the injection” he said. Because he had already numbed my gums with cooling gel, the slight tenderness the needle made when it entered didn’t bother me at all.

“Raise your hand whenever you feel discomfort and I will stop,” he said before starting the drilling work.

I only exercised the privilege of raising my hand once: I was half asleep, half aware of the marine animals featured in the Netflix nature documentary above me when a loud drill blared in my head. The tooth that was being worked on was a bit sensitive, but I was more mentally shocked than anything.

Dr Green immediately gave me another pain injection. He used that loud drill again only once, and very briefly.

He did three fillings in two hours. One molar he worked on had already been declared by a reputable dentist in Shanghai as unsalvageable 12 years ago; since then, I hadn’t let any dentist get near that tooth. Dr Green simply dealt with it without a fuss, only commenting briefly afterwards “I’ve removed all the decay.”

But what  impressed me the most was throughout my session, Dr Green was as courteous to the nurse as he was to me.

If I had had the good fortune of receiving this kind of patient-centered treatment earlier in my life, I would never have avoided the dental profession like plague for the better part of two decades.

Michelle Ng

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