Onward and Upward|依樣畫葫蘆

繪畫出身的The Sunday Times(編按:《星期日泰晤士報》)food writer A A Gill,有次這樣形容一份份量過大的risotto:「My starter portion was so mountainous that it could have pebble-dashed a lighthouse.」


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You wouldn’t have wanted to be a child in the 18th century. You had to do chores like emptying the chamberpot. Each morning, you had to take the pots outside your house and empty them in your garden. It was dirty and unpleasant.

My Rewrite

If you were a child in 18th century, among the chores you would have to do is this: at night, everyone in your house “went” in a pot; in the morning, you had to haul the pots outside to dump the contents. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to start your day knowing last night, your dad pushed out a banana-shaped poop, your mum released some dry “pebbles”, and your brother plopped out a blob of diarrhoea!

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