Onward and Upward|芋茸香酥鴨和英文寫作


優秀的英文文章跟芋茸香酥鴨一樣,一個短短的paragraph, 可以擠進很多內容,但讀起來卻不吃力。下面兩個writing samples, 字數差不多,哪篇是“芋茸香酥鴨“,一目了然。

First version (167 words)

York is definitely a must-go location. My family and I went there during half term and our trip was really eye-opening. Harry Potter fans would especially warm up to the place, thanks to its unmistakable Harry Potter vibes. History fans would be enchanted by York’s 1000-year history. In the past, it was usual for those strolling down The Shambles to see pieces of meat hanging from the houses. No, they weren’t the work of a serial killer. Butchers lived there and hanged their products to be sold. Some of the hooks they used to hang meats with can still be seen today. By 21st century standards, The Shambles is very well preserved, so well-preserved that it’s probably one of the best places in the world to visit to find out how people lived in the Middle Ages. Today, meats are no longer sold. Instead, there are many shops selling arts and crafts and souvenirs to tourists, and it can get really crowded on the weekends and holidays.

Second version (158 words)

At first glance, The Shambles, a 120 metre long street in York crowded on both sides with three-storey houses built in the Middle Ages, seems to hold most interest for Harry Potter fans. Indeed, it was The Shambles that provided JK Rowling the inspiration for her novel. But the street may also offer the closest possible replication of life in Medieval England. The more observant tourists will take note of the hand-sized rusty hooks hanging from the “canopy” above the ground floor windows, and wonder whether Jeffery Dahmers populated this place 1000 years ago. Those hooks were used to hang flesh all right, though what was on them wasn’t human but pork and beef, and the houses from which they were hung were built so closely by design, to block the sun from decomposing the butcher’s wares. Like the hooks, the very name “The Shambles” tells the story of the place’s past: Latin in origin, it means meat.

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