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Reverse osmosis has many applications. The US military uses it to conveniently and quickly make any water source drinkable and safe. Singapore does something similar for the benefit of its 5.7 million population, by turning seawater into drinking water through the use of merely 3.5kWh/m3 energy, which is very energy consumption friendly. Other applications of Reverse Osmosis include use in fruit juices (through to making of juice concentrate), use in maple syrup (through a thickening process), use in low alcohol beer and use in keeping water in aquariums clean. As I have shown, the application of Reverse Osmosis encompasses both domestic and national spheres, used by various industries, governments, benefiting the daily lives of countless people. It is therefore a technology that is important and indispensable.

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It seems that only a lack of imagination can put a limit on the ways Reverse Osmosis can be harnessed to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. Children who delight in the rich taste of maple syrup on their pancakes each morning should thank Reverse Osmosis (it thickens their syrup by removing its water content); pet owners can keep their fishes, toads and turtles happy with clean water in the aquarium; supermarket favourites like juice concentrate and low-alcohol beer wouldn’t have been existed without the technology. On a grander scale, thanks to Reverse Osmosis, the US military can convert any water source into drinking water; resource-starved Singapore can keep its population of 5.7 million quenched.

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