Onward and Upward|寫Book Summaries的價值

表面上看,寫book summaries好像很容易,不就是把書的內容簡短地說一遍?但把故事講述清楚不是直截了當的事,因要先develop a sense of which part of the plot to leave in, which part to leave out。趁讀書的歲月,用心好好學習如何寫有條有理的book summaries,以後在職場工作,需要寫內容繁複的reports and proposals,就更能得心應手。

下面兩個 book summary的反差,能體現清晰的文字如何給人「作者頭腦清晰與否」的印象:


Percy Jackon, the protagonist of the story, finds out that his magical camp, named Camp Half-Blood, is not safe. Its protective barrier is so weak that it may be overcome by the powerful enemies outside. The only way to strengthen the protective barrier is to obtain the Golden Fleece. Unfortunately, Grover, Percy’s best friend, is captured by someone who is Percy’s enemy, Lukd Castellan. Luke wants to Golden Fleece too because he wants to revive the titan Kronos, so that he can destroy the world. Percy sets out to locate the Golden Fleece with Annabeth and Tyson, his good friends. Tyson is a kind-hearted titan Krops. Finally, Percy gains victory over the titan and eventually he is able to reinforce the protective barrier.

My write 

13 year-old demigod Percy Jackson embarks on a perilous journey with his loyal friends Annabeth and Tyson to find the Golden Fleece, which they need to reinforce the protector barrier of Camp Half-Blood, the residence of demigods. After the trio get their hands on the Golden Fleece, it is stolen by Percy’s longtime nemesis Luke Castellan, who uses it to revive titan Dronos with the intention of destroying the world. Percy defeats Dronos, retrieves the Golden Fleece, and fortifies Camp Half-blood against the powerful enemies that lurk outside its walls.

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